Saturday, October 4, 2008

GigaSpaces EC2 Framework - Private Beta release

I am excited to bring to your attention that we have released today a private beta of the GigaSpaces EC2 Framework.

This framework “clouds” the GigaSpaces Application Server to enable easy development and deployment in the cloud. 

You can deploy applications on EC2 using the "One Click Cloud" approach - develop the application code (i.e. processing units) on your desktop and then use this framework to deploy, run and monitor it on EC2 with a few simple scripts.

This framework is designed specifically for cloud portability. EC2 is only the exciting beginning and expect CohesiveFT, Flexiscale, GoGrid, Joyent, RightScale and more to follow soon.

The private beta is currently available to our signed customers and partners. A public beta will be available very soon. If you want access to this exciting framework, email us at

Shana Tova

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Nate said...

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