Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hadoop Summit 2010 - What a Ride!

Hadoop Summit 20010 - What a ride... finally I have a few minutes to recap on the past few crazy weeks.

Attending dozens of big conferences over the past few years, I never really knew what is behind the nice colors, music and streamline sessions. Well behind it there is huge amount of work, planning and obviously a significant "expect the unexpected".

It is all about team work and trusting others to do their part the same way they trust you.

It was great to be "sold out" 10 days ahead, no pressure on people not showing up. Although I have to admit that until I saw +1,000 heads in the huge main ballroom, I was not at-ease.

The most rewarding thing for me is that you can see at the end of one single day the fruits of your efforts. You can almost hear the BigData community moving forward.

I've did a little recap with photos and videos on the Yahoo! Developers Network Blog. Yahoo! NewsBytes team also did a cool video clip.

I think the most fun part is to scroll through the twitter feeds.

Enjoy and see you next year