Thursday, August 28, 2008

RightScale and EBS

At this post for a change, I don’t want to write about GigaSpaces...

Today I've attended RightScale's Webinar regarding their support for the recently announced Amazon’s Elastic Block Store (EBS).

It was an impressive broadcast, accompanied by a live demo on EC2.

One of the things I found impressive is the ability to mount an "EBS volume" in the RightScale dashboard, and interact with it almost as if it was your local C: or D: drives.
I'm also excited by the way RightScale combined EBS with MySQL, explained in their recent EBS post.
This is especially important to me as I can say by now, after speaking to many GigaSpaces' customers on EC2, that MySQL is the most popular database in the cloud.

I'm looking forward to exploring how RightScale EBS support can work with GigaSpaces persistency as a service and EC2 support. I believe this can provide our joint customers with the best experience out-there today when deploying and scaling data-intensive, transactional applications on the cloud.

I agree with Thorsten that EBS really brings a new era to the Amazon cloud, especially after our own somewhat questionable experience with S3.

Kudos to the RightScale folks for pulling this event together only a few days after Amazon announced EBS.

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Edward M. Goldberg said...

Thank You for this great post. I will send you a RightScale Tee in your size ASAP. Just send me a list of sizes that you would like you and yours.

Cloud Computing is my passion. I have provided deployment support from back in the days when you have to make a proposal to the board and wait for a reply to the funding request first...

Today I create, use and release Terra Byte storage any time I need at a moments notice. The number of computers is just a field in the form on the screen.

I agree with TvE that Cloud Computing has gone beyond the roots of classic computer center solutions.

Soon we will be able to use several Cloud Solutions at one time to provide a path to the goal of high up-time and fast fail over.

As I said I am passionate about Cloud Computing.

Thank you for the great post.

Edward M. Goldberg