Friday, May 16, 2008

Thoughts on CommunityOne and EC2

Last week I've attended CommunityOne at San Francisco. The company I work for (GigaSpaces) had a booth at the startup camp.
I've recently posted in our company blog describing what I was about to show, and now I would like to share a more "intimate" feedback.
Surrounding our booth were 6 or 7 vendors, all of whom were showing an Amazon EC2 demos. This was pretty amazing... not to mention the buzz behind the EC2 and cloud computing with the Startup folks as well as the "big guys".
The GigaSpaces EC2 solution and demo went pretty well I must say, and people really relates to the gap between scalable hardware and scalable application.
One interesting story during an EC2 demo session I did ... I've launched two new GigaSpaces AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) and demonstrated how to increase ("scale") your application capacity utilizing the additional GigaSpaces containers which were automatically started on these new AMIs.
It took around 2 minutes for Amazon to provision the new AMIs, at which point I've asked the person I was doing to the demo for, if this delay may be an issue for him. His answer simply dazzled me.
He said that for his company to provision a new server, configure it and "tweak" the application to run and scale on this new server, takes between 3 to 4 weeks! and this if all goes well. So he said "Do you think I am worried about 2 to 3 minutes? :)"


Guy Sayar said...

Dekel - This is interesting.

We see more and more customers using EC2 in various ways, and the most interesting one is the ability to test the application using large clusters almost instantly.

Traditionally ordering and setting a kit takes anywhere between few weeks to few months, depending on the organisation's IT and its agility. Using EC2 makes the entire process much shorter and easier to manage...

Anonymous said...

see you started blogging about the exciting stuff we're doing in the clouds. Looking forward for more.